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People expect simple and familiar ways to onboard and use apps. Setting up wallets, signing transactions and paying gas fees can be intimidating to the mainstream user.

With the Portis JavaScript SDK, DApp developers offer their users a seamless experience, whether they know blockchain or not.

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Decentralized apps made easy, both for users and developers


Allow anyone to start using your DApp in seconds, just as they would connect to any other cloud-based service.


Nobody but the users has access to their private keys. We only safeguard the wallet encrypted on their device.

Dev Friendly

We created Portis according to Ethereum's web3.js API. That means that you only need to import the Portis SDK and you’re good to go. We take care of the rest.

Cross device

Portis doesn't require users to install anything and since it is JavaScript based it runs on any platform.

Single identity

Thanks to our end-to-end encryption architecture, users can access the Ethereum network from all their devices using the same account.

Crypto on the spot

Users can purchase cryptocurrency straight to their wallet, using a debit or credit card.

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What people say about us

Shivhari Shankar, Product Manager, SpringRole

"Bringing the seamless user experience of web apps to the DApp ecosystem is a challenge that all products have to face. Tools like Portis go a long way in bridging that gap and lets us answer the question that we always end up asking - What about the non-crypto users?"

Sky Minert, Partnership and Platform Development, POA Network

"The Portis team is creating unique solutions to improve and simplify user experience in the Dapp world."

Darragh O'Flanagan - Tech lead, DopeRaider

"Portis is a great user experience. Our players really enjoy the convenience of moving from device to device. Keep up the good work!"

Scott Scheper, Co-founder and CMO of XYO Network

"Without question, Portis introduces the most end-user focused experience that you (as a DApp dev) have always dreamed about: browser extensions, no bank transfers, no Coinbase hoops of fire and most importantly no B.S. Portis unlocks a world for DApp devs enabling to focus on their UX "as if" without their end-users even knowing they were using an app running on the world's computer network (aka Ethereum). If you're still using MetaMask, my advice: take 5 seconds to try Portis out."

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