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We hope you're eager to start using Portis, but in case you still have some questions...

How can Portis help my DApp?

By creating a frictionless user experience, Portis helps drive adoption and conversion rates for your DApp. Users can access the same secure account from different devices, no installations required.

Do I need a server to run Portis?

Nope! Our JavaScript SDK runs inside your web app, using the web3.js API. The code you already have in place for communicating with your smart contract will stay exactly the same, no rewrites necessary.

Where can I find out more about the actual code?

We want to involve developers as much as possible, which is why the Portis SDK code is open source. Portis is in active development. We’re looking for quality input from people who are just as excited about the potential of blockchain as we are - we welcome you to join the discussion on our Telegram channel.

Who can join?

Anyone who created a DApp is welcome to integrate Portis and let their users communicate with smart contracts straight from the browser.

Who keeps the private keys?

When users register, they create a wallet client-side and then immediately encrypt the private key using a secret which never leaves their device. We safeguard their encrypted wallet, but they maintain absolute control over it. We designed the security architecture so that transactions can be signed in any modern browser, meaning users can enjoy a familiar and easy experience without the risk of any unauthorized activity.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! You are simply offering your users a convenient gateway to the Ethereum blockchain. Your users can top up their account with Ether using their credit card, in a simple and familiar manner.

I don't see my ERC20 token, how can I use it?

Portis is a maintaining a list of supported ERC20 tokens, and automatically shows the relevant tokens to users. To add a new ERC20 token to this list, please use this form:

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